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Elizabeth Mañasco born in Gibraltar.
Graduated in “Visual Arts” 1979,
Graphic Designer since 1992.

Commercial Services:
Freelance. - Graphic Design - Web Media - Multimedia

In 1995 I began experimenting with computer graphics and discovered a whole new world of self expression and ways of combining my traditional skills, passion for drawing, painting and photography with digital techniques.

Fascinated by the final result of digital work. 3D images, “fractals”, portraits, abstracts, etc.


I think “Digital Art” is as important as “Traditional Art”.
With traditional art we start with a white canvas, paints and brushes. We begin to give form to an idea and we reflect it.
With Digital Art, we open a program in a white page (canvas), the palette of colors and the mouse or the digitizer pen and also begin to create, to shape our ideas, it's just the same.

"With the computer I find a personal artistic tool and a means to express my sensibility, capturing scenes and special moments. I hope that people who see my artworks share the same pleasant feelings that I had in creating them”.

I never print my artworks twice. No copies, only one single print/picture.
So you will always have an
ORIGINAL Mansco Style picture!

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